Journal your way back to purpose: a salve for lacklustre mojos

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In this fast paced world of ‘do-do-do’ it’s easy to forget to ‘be’. ‘Being’ is where real purpose lies, fully present and feeling good. A lack of purpose is an unpleasant feeling that creeps up on you over time and before you know it you’re fed up, stuck, hacked off and wondering WTF you’re doing with your life. This is the point that most of my coaching clients are at when they arrive at my door and I can confirm, having also reached the same point once, it’s a less than spectacular place to be.

If your mojo is like a dying houseplant, clinging onto the last vestiges of existence hoping you’ll remember to water it before it finally expires, a journaling practice might be the first-aid and first step your lacklustre raison d’etre needs.

All you need is a notebook and pen (if you love stationary as much as me, this is your permission slip to hit your favourite store and buy a shiny, new notebook) and 20 minutes to sit quietly with yourself on a daily basis for a week. Light a candle, pour a drink and work your way through the following questions*:

  • What are three things you love about your life right now? 
  • How do you feel when you reflect on these things? 
  • What are three things you wish you could change about your current life?
  • Why haven’t you changed them? What stops you?
  • If time and money were no object, what would you spend your time doing?
  • What is something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? What’s stopped you?
  • What would a perfect day in your life look like?
  • What needs to change for this ‘perfect day’ to become a regular day for you?

Self-reflection is unbelievably powerful to help you unlock insights, uncover blocks and get clear on what you actually want, a concept that’s often so overshadowed by a life filled with what you don’t want, you’ve forgotten how to be excited about the future.

What you water grows and if you want to feel good, enjoy life and no longer wake up with a groan of, ‘oh God, not this again’ you need to get back in touch with your purpose and be courageous enough to go in the direction it leads you.

Purpose doesn’t have to mean tipping your life upside down and shaking it loose, it might be as simple as having a conversation you’ve been putting off or taking a weekly art class, or, if you’re a ‘go big or go home’ kind of person, it might mean a career change, starting a new business or moving to a different country.

Where there’s desire, there’s direction towards fulfilment. Go there.

But know that you don’t have to go there alone. To find out how being coached can help you relocate your mojo far faster than figuring it out on your own, book a free strategy call with me here and let’s chat.

*If you’d like some more journal prompts, I have a free worksheet for you – simply pop me a DM on Instagram @emmaobriencoach with the word ‘JOURNAL’ and I’ll send it to you.

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