How to shift your frame of mind with gratitude

using gratitude to shift your frame of mind
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Using a simple practice to change the way you feel right now

How often do you get out of the wrong side of bed?

The way you start your day pretty much sets the tone for the rest of it and as far as I’m concerned, life is too short to have bad days, however getting rid of a negative frame of mind before it sets in like a day of rain can be easier said than done.

Last week I woke up in a foul mood, I felt fed up, agitated and annoyed for no apparent reason. Before I stomped out into the house and started to take my irritation out on the rest of the family, I checked in with myself and realised I was feeling agitated thanks to PMS. Immediately understanding why I was feeling out of sorts helped to dissipate my mood, but it didn’t entirely go away.

What shifted it was my gratitude practice.

I journal most days and one of the prompts in my pre-designed Inspired Change Journal is ‘what am I grateful for today?’ My initial response on this foul feeling day was ‘nothing’. However as soon as I reined in my inner brat and started to dig a bit deeper, I felt my frame of mind immediately shift.

My list included being grateful for:

  • The time to sit and journal about how foul I’m feeling
  • My home
  • The large collection of dogs I have
  • A new car (it’s not the one I want, but it’s a new one)
  • Hot water and electricity
  • Money in the bank
  • A career that I love
  • Supportive friends
  • Appreciative clients
  • Freedom of time

And once I started to list out the great stuff I have in my life it was hard to stop and low and behold, my mood lifted and I managed to avert any sort of reactive behaviour on my part that would have spoiled someone else’s day too.

Gratitude is a powerful tool for changing your attitude.

The next time you feel out of sorts, here are a few things you can do to immediately alter your mindset:

  • Describe how your feeling – name it
  • Write it down
  • Sit with it for a few minutes
  • Make a list of ten things you’re grateful for right now
  • List out how your gratitude list items make you feel
  • Sit with the positive feelings you’ve described

You have the power to choose how you feel each day and the kind of energy you take into your day. A gratitude practice will really help to keep you in a positive headspace and help your day unfold calmly and enjoyably.

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