How to deal with Imposter Syndrome

How to deal with imposter syndrome
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9 ways to stop imposter syndrome and take control of your success

All of the creative people I’ve ever met battle with imposter syndrome. The creeping fear of not being good enough, worrying about failure and constantly comparing your work to see how it measures up against others’ are all symptoms of a lurking imposter.

Imposter syndrome a.k.a the inner critic primarily exists to keep us safe (believe it or not). Safe doing exactly what we’ve always been doing, smack bank in the middle of a boring comfort zone. It shows up most vehemently when you’re working towards something new and it’s a royal pain in the ass.

You can’t ever get rid of imposter syndrome, however there are a few strategies you can implement to keep it at bay and stop it from sabotaging your success.

Stop the Imposter using these strategies:

  • Give it a name – that’s right, you heard me, name it. The sillier the name, the better.
  • Diminish its power by visualising it as a person or creature dressed in a ridiculous outfit – if you’re able to laugh at it, you won’t take it so seriously.
  • Recognised what triggers your imposter. If scrolling through social media looking at other people’s work sets it off, stop scrolling. Don’t feed the monster. You’re in control.
  • If you genuinely need to or want to improve on something or learn a new technical skill, go and find someone who can help you and get going.
  • You are not your imposter, see it as separate from yourself.
  • Observe the phrases your imposter uses most often. This might be “you can’t do that.” “Who do you think you are?” or “This will never work.” Write the phrases down and then list out examples of how you have achieved goals, been recognised for your work and pulled something successful off.
  • List out everything you’ve achieved in the past year and pin up the list where you can see it.
  • When you notice the imposter starting to chatter, choose a different and more positive thought instead.
  • Work on your success mindset. Use success affirmations, listen to podcasts or read books that inspire you or find a coach or mentor who can help you.

It’s totally normal to feel self doubt when you’re going after big goals and exploring new business avenues, however, if you let the self doubt take control, you’ll end up stuck and frustrated. I specialise in coaching creative people on the way to their next level. To find out more about how I could help you, please schedule in a free strategy call with me here.

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