From my FREE Confident Creative Course to the Business Fundamentals Masterclass series, through to private 1:1 coaching, there's a resource to
help you wherever you're at.

Courses & Masterclasses

My pre-recorded courses have been prepared with my community in mind. 
Taking into account the most common questions I get asked and stumbling
blocks I see most frequently, I've created content to help you exactly where you're at right now.

About my courses


- Create work that's authentically yours
- Develop your own unique creative style
- Price your work effectively
- Stop procrastinating & start getting stuff done
- Understand who your work is for

A FREE short, snappy 5 part video training to help you:

The Confident Creative


- Cultivate the mindset essential for success
- Fine tune your own distinctive style
- Charge your worth
- Effectively market your creative work
- Close clients with ease

The course is just £27 and you can get instant access today

Ready to become the 'go-to' person in your industry, this course will show you how to:

The Industry Leading Creative


Learn the exact admin, marketing, money, pricing and workflow strategies you need to set your business up for success in this bundle of 8 information packed video trainings
- All for just £97!

Each Masterclass includes immediately actionable steps you can implement in your business right now including: attracting clients, pricing your work, productivity & workflow, the basics of branding, business set-up, marketing and goal setting.

Are you ready to build a profitable AND purposeful creative business?

Creative Business Fundamentals Masterclass Series


Speaking from my own experience, 1:1 coaching is the fastest way to get the results you're aiming for. Sessions are individually tailored to cover exactly what you need guidance and support with. Coaching spaces are limited, so if you'd like to find out more about how I work, my rates, payment plans and whether or not coaching will work for you, please schedule a free consult call with me and let's chat.

Once off, one month and three month coaching packages 

1:1 Private Coaching

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To find out more about working with me and which of my courses or coaching programmes will work best for you, please schedule a free strategy call.

This is an opportunity for me to find out about your business goals and for you to ask me any questions you might have about my  coaching process (including pricing & payment plans).

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I hired Emma as my coach because I'd heard great reviews about her and I needed to work with someone on my specific business challenges, not just get generic 'one size fits all' advice.

"Working with Emma gave me the confidence I needed to price my work effectively & close sales far quicker."


Grew her confidence

After almost 10 years of plodding along, I was stuck!!!! Not so much creatively but from a business point of view. I had no structure at all to my business, I even felt a little embarrassed calling it a business!!!!!! After our sessions I'm excited to see how my new business model works!

"I never felt like I was against the clock on our 1-1 calls, Emma really does go above and beyond."

created a brand new business model




The Key to success
Is to start before 
you are ready



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