Emma O'Brien I Self Development coach

I'm also a mum to 1 human,
4 rescue dogs & a parrot called Richard.

I'm a highly skilled coach here to help you locate the mojo you've lost amidst the baggage of your life 

Maybe you're stuck in a job so damn tiresome, each and every day starts with a, less than enthusiastic, 'here we go again'. Cue dramatic eye roll.

Perhaps your relationship is floating like a dead duck in a foetid pond and it's time to formulate an exit strategy.

If, 'is this all there is?' is a looping phrase in your head, it's time to make some changes.

together, we'll locate the 'reset' button and get you back on the right track.

You're a brilliant perfectionist who strives for extraordinary success (me too). But, thanks to an over-active imposter who has you constantly questioning your (highly qualified) abilities, you're stuck in a rut. 

If you're fed up of riding the hamster wheel of mediocrity day after day and you want off, I'm the coach for you.

I'm not your average coach, because you're not an average client. I know you and you want more out of this life.

Your precious life isn't something you should have to slog mindlessly through until you expire.

You don't have to settle for ordinary or vanilla or boring or mediocre.

You get to choose more.

I'm here to help you figure out exactly what you want and how to make it happen.

I've been where you are, I know where you're at and I know how to bring big, positive changes to life.

We'll start by getting you clarity on what it is you want. Sometimes this starts with understanding exactly what you don't want which, be warned, can be a tad uncomfortable to discover.

Then I'll help you uncover why you've become so mired in self-doubt and so lost that you've chained yourself to the current situation you find yourself in.

We'll work on changing your mindset, your thinking patterns, imposter beliefs and the less-than-effective strategies you've been implementing so you're ready for the life up-level you so desperately want.

Planning comes next. What steps do you need to take? When will you take them? How will you know when you've succeeded? What, exactly, does the life you desire look like?

Lastly, it's time to take action. I'll be by your side as you bring your up-level to life. I'll hold you accountable, help you measure your success and (gently, but firmly) kick your ass when you wander off track.

Thanks to a lifetime's experience navigating the shark infested waters of change, I'm an expert when it comes to guiding and supporting my clients on life-uplifts. My mission in life is to help brilliant women, like you, tap your gifts and live the life you deserve to enjoy.

First up, I'm no-nonsense and direct. I'm here to help you get the results you want and I'm going to take you on a journey of inner and outer work. If you're not ready to put some effort in, I'm not the coach for you.

Here's how I work:

  • I have 4 rescue dogs and an adopted parrot called Richard
  • I'm a multi award-winning dog photographer (check out my work here)
  • I read Tarot cards and LOVE to use them as a coaching tool
  • I'm initiated in the Shamanic Rites
  • I'm married to an engineer (we're like chalk and cheese)
  • I always keep a bottle of Moet chilling in the fridge, in case of emergencies
  • My favourite pastime is swimming with humpback whales (it's thrilling and utterly terrifying at the same time)
  • Plant medicine has been a key ingredient in my personal growth journey
  • I'm direct, so I'll always tell it like it is
  • I host a weekly podcast called 'Lemons & Pineapples' find it here 

The Tea on Me:


Are you ready to get going?

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